Build a Smart Camera with Nerves, Phoenix, and Absinthe

Beginner, Intermediate
Greg Mefford
Todd Resudek

In this course, we will build a Raspberry Pi Zero W-based video-streaming webcam that can scan barcodes on the camera itself and be configured using a GraphQL API. We will use Phoenix and Phoenix Channels to connect an Absinthe-based GraphQL API to display barcode data as an overlay to streaming video from the camera. You'll also get to take home the hardware and all the skills you'll need to customize it and use it for your own projects.

This session is beginner-friendly. That includes those who are new to Nerves, new to Elixir, or even new to working with hardware. Some programming skills will be required, but working code will be provided along with the hardware, so you only need to make changes that you’re comfortable with. It’s unlikely that you’ll melt, damage, or ruin anything. ;)

It is also marked as intermediate because we will cover a broad set of technologies (like GraphQL and Phoenix Channels) that you may not have used before, even if you're not new to Elixir and Nerves. Don't worry, though. It will be fun and easy to follow.

This class taught: Wednesday