August 27 ‑ 30, 2019

Aurora, CO

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The Elixir Community's premier conference for Elixir developers and enthusiasts from around the globe.

introducing elixirconf 2019

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is dedicated to advancing the Elixir programming language and the communities and companies surrounding it by bringing together the technically minded to establish relationships for work, collaboration, and entrepreneurship.

Join us this August in Denver, CO, and be a part of the sixth annual ElixirConf US!




Register for ElixirConf®

Registration is now open for US 2019! Learn from over 40 speakers, trainers, and keynotes how top companies and developers are taking advantage of Elixir's ability to build resilient distributed systems, secure embedded systems, and modern real-time UI's driven by Phoenix LiveView.

ElixirConf® is hosting two days of training, August 27-28, and two days of speakers, August 29-30, in a multi-track conference.

This year you can select from 14 training classes. Training classes are full day classes with six hours of hands-on training. See more information about all the training classes and suggested class pairings to maximize your Elixir knowledge and skills.

Join us at and meet other Elixir programmers and interact with the communities surrounding Elixir. There is no better place to discuss, collaborate and socialize with other Elixir professionals and enthusiasts than US 2019.

Book your conference ticket and training online now.


has four ticket phases. The prices in the table show the (conf price / single day training price). Advance Tickets are currently available.

Exp. Date
June 9, 2019
Early Bird
$409 / $295
July 14, 2019
$449 / $315
August 11, 2019
$489 / $375
August 30, 2019
$529 / $415


Cancelation Policy

Refunds can only be made to the account that was used in the original transaction. You may cancel your order until July 31, 2019 for a full refund minus processing fees. Send cancellation requests to info _at_ elixirconf.com. Cancellations after July 31, 2019 are refunded as indicated below:

  • 08/01 - 08/11: Refund of 50% of the ticket(s) price
  • 08/12 - 08/18: Refund of 25% of the ticket(s) price
  • 08/19 - : Non-refundable

Please note that all cancellations, for whatever reason, fall under this policy.


José Valim
Chris McCord
Justin Schneck
Brian Cardarella
Luke Imhoff
Paul Schoenfelder

Book Your Room at the Gaylord Rockies in Aurora, CO.



Jorge Bejar
Your Guide to Understand the Initial Commit of a Phoenix Project
Mike Binns
0-60 in under 3: How Cars.com and DockYard Manufactured a Productive Elixir Team in Under 3 Months
Eric Christeson
A Practical* Use for Nerves
Sophie DeBenedetto
The Flatiron School / WeWork
Beyond LiveView: Building Real-Time Features with Phoenix LiveView, PubSub and Presence
Natasha Dowse
Re-writing Pseudo Financial Systems in Elixir
Donald Ford
GraphQL Based Microservices in Elixir
Mateusz Front
Software Mansion
Membrane Framework - Bringing Elixir into the World of Multimedia Processing
Alex Garibay
Phoenix LiveView Demystified
Nicholas Geraedts
Zymeworks Inc.
Alchemy Meets Science: Adopting Elixir in Cancer Therapeutics R&D
Jason Goldberger
Annex: Introducing an Easy-to-Use Composable Deep Learning Framework in Elixir
Jon Grieman
Elixir + CQRS - Architecting for Availability, Operability, and Maintainability At PagerDuty
Scott Hamilton
WebRTC from Start to Finish
Pedro Hernández
Building the Tomorrow Classroom with Elixir
Chris Keathley
Bleacher Report
Contracts for Building Reliable Systems
Johanna Larsson
High Performance String Processing Scripts in Elixir
Vanessa Lee
Interline Vacations
UI Testing is Ruff; Hound Can Help
Andrea Leopardi
Mint - Disrupting HTTP Clients
Geoffrey Lessel
Creating an External Racing Steering Wheel Display with Elixir and Scenic
Emerson Macedo
OLX Brazil
Using Phoenix and Broadway with RabbiMQ to Handle 10M Monthly Ad insertions on OLX Brazil Marketplace
Wojtek Mach
Writing an Ecto Adapter: Introducing MyXQL
Daniel Mackey
0-60 in under 3: How Cars.com and DockYard Manufactured a Productive Elixir Team in Under 3 Months
Jacqueline Manzi
Breaking Into Nerves: How to Use Your Elixir Knowledge to Create Your First Embedded Nerves Project
Adam Mokan
Crawling The Web With Elixir
Anna Neyzberg
Carbon Five
Elixirbridge: Lessons Learned from Building Community
Jacob Parry
Building an Elixir Team When No One Knew Elixir
Mirian Pena
Beam Extreme: Don't Do This At Home
Gary Rennie
How LiveView Handles File Uploads
Marlus Saraiva
Build Efficient Data Processing Pipelines in Elixir Using Broadway
David Schainker
ETS Versus ElasticSearch for Queryable Caching
Scott Southworth
HCA Healthcare
Sandbox Wars: Elixir and Luerl
Amanda Sposito
Lessons Learned From an Elixir/OTP Project
Lau Taarnskov
Date, Time, and Time Zones in Elixir 1.9
Hideki Takase
Kyoto University / JST PRESTO
Cockatrice: A Hardware Design Environment with Elixir
Bruce Tate
Photogenic: Building a Photo Booth with Beginners Using Nerves, LiveView and Scenic
Randall Thomas
Thunderbolt Labs
(UN)Learning Elixir
Phil Toland
Kubernetes at Small Scale
Susumu Yamazaki
Univ. of Kitakyushu
Return of Wabi-Sabi: Hastega Will Bring More and More Computational Power to Elixir

Training Classes

This year ElixirConf® has 14 classes to choose from! There are seven classes to select for each day of training. Also this year, each class stands as an independent class, so you have many options when selecting class pairs to best meet your needs. Three of the classes are run on Tuesday and Wednesday so you can better select classes that fit your needs.

Each training class is a full-day class with six hours of training. You may register for one class for each day of training.

There are seven classes to choose from for Tuesday and seven classes to choose from for Wednesday. All of the trainers are either authors, core team members, or have professional experience in the area of their training class.

ElixirConf provides a great opportunity to get world-class Elixir training at an affordable price!

Suggested Class Pairings

To help you get the most from your Elixir training, below are some recommended class pairings that can aid you in deciding which classes to take.

New to Elixir

Ideal For: Web and Enterprise developers new to Elixir.

Learn Elixir from Elixir core team members Eric and Andrea on day one, then follow up that training with Darin (author of Programming Ecto) and Eric on day two. These trainers will provide you with a strong foundation in the fundamentals of Elixir and databases.

New to Phoenix

Ideal For: Developers looking to level up on Phoenix by learning how and why to leverage PubSub, Channels, Presence and LiveView together to create elegant real-time features.

Elixir School is bringing you a two-day series of classes that will help you level up with Phoenix’s real-time and interactive capabilities. Each day stands on its own, but taken together they’ll walk you through some basic features, like channels, to more advanced tools, like LiveView. You’ll get a taste of what Phoenix can do and will walk away from the class with the tools you need to build your own highly performant, real-time apps at work or at home.

New to Deployment

Ideal For: Developers ready to deploy their first Elixir application and developers in need of a deployment pipeline for Elixir that they can understand and tweak as needed.

Together these classes take you from a working application all the way to a complete deployment pipeline. We'll begin by showing you how to prepare an Elixir application for deployment while making sure you include access to any scripts you need to be able to trigger externally, you setup proper configuration for each box your code will run on, and you know how to use Elixir's best debugging tools on your live system. From there we'll move on to deploying your code with a proper pipeline. We'll cover the usual blue/green deployments and rollback, but also extras like smoke testing and clustering your instances. This is a one two punch for finally understanding Elixir deployments.


Enjoy the new Gaylord Rockies Resort

This year will be held at the brand new Gaylord Rockies Resort and Convention Center. And by new, I mean that it was just completed January 2019.

This beautiful resort is a spectacular location for this years and we have secured an excellent conference rate of $176 per night for a single or double room.

And check out this list of amazing amenities!

  • 8 Restaurants and Lounges
  • Arapohoe Springs Pool, Indoor Pool and Lap Pool
  • Outdoor Lazy River!
  • Pool Bar & Grilll
  • Mountain Pass: 500+ seat sports bar with 75' screen!
  • Relache' Spa & Fitness Center
  • Bike trails and complimentary bikes
  • Miniature Golf
  • Fly Fishing nearby
  • Tennis, Basketball, and Pickleball Courts
  • 24 Hour Market Place
  • 10 minutes from Denver Int'l Airport
  • 23 minutes from downtown Denver

6700 North Gaylord Rockies Boulevard, Aurora, Colorado 80019 USA


You will want to book your room before the reservation deadline July 28, 2019.
The resort will sell out!





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Justin Schneck, José Valim and Chris McCord share how we all help each other when we work with Elixir.