Build a Multiplayer Game using Nerves, Elixir Circuits, Scenic, and Phoenix

Beginner, Intermediate
Frank Hunleth
Justin Schneck

The Elixir language and Erlang runtime provide a uniquely robust and productive environment that runs well from embedded to server. This class extends on previous Nerves training to the cloud for device/server communications and device management with NervesHub.

The first half of the day will be about getting comfortable with developing and debugging with Nerves. Unlike previous Nerves training Justin and Frank have given, this one will have greater emphasis on networking and device provisioning. The second half of the training moves on to building NervesTeam, a multiplayer game using Scenic on the Nerves device and Phoenix as a game server.

We will be providing Raspberry Pi's and accessories to use during the class. It is unnecessary to buy hardware. We know from past classes that many people want to use hardware that they can take home. If you would like to do this, you can buy class materials beforehand:

Adafruit OLED Bonnet Pack for Raspberry Pi Zero - Includes Pi Zero W

4 GB or larger MicroSD card

MicroUSB cable to connect the Raspberry Pi to your laptop

NervesKey - We will have extra NervesKeys for the class

Note that the Adafruit OLED Bonnet Pack requires you to solder a header onto the Raspberry Pi Zero. The Raspberry Pi Zero WH may be available with a pre-soldered header. Rest assured, if your hardware fails, we will provide a kit for the class.

This class taught: Wednesday