Andrea Leopardi
Audience: Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced
Topic: Elixir

Mint - Disrupting HTTP Clients

Mint is a young HTTP/1 and HTTP/2 client for Elixir that aims at disrupting the status quo of HTTP clients for Erlang and Elixir. Mint is built on the idea of having a functional, data-centric client that is not backed up by a process and doesn't impose a process architecture on its users. In this talk, we'll discuss the ideas behind Mint's design and get a feel of how Mint works. We'll spend some time exploring how the low-level interface that Mint provides lets us build different abstractions on top of it that are suited for different situations.


Andrea is a human born in the ancient lands of central Italy. He loves programming, learning, and closing GitHub issues. He's a software architect, speaker, and member of the Elixir core team. His weak spot is having red hair.