Jacqueline Manzi
Audience: Beginner
Topic: Nerves

Breaking Into Nerves: How to Use Your Elixir Knowledge to Create Your First Embedded Nerves Project

Comfortable with Elixir, but new to embedded programming? Great, me too! This talk will go over the steps needed to get started with Nerves and use familiar Elixir concepts like GenServers, GenStages, Ports, and NIFs to create a practical Nerves project, such as a security camera with motion detection using a RaspberryPi.

I'll go over the hurdles I encountered and how I overcame them so that hopefully you won't have to. We'll also discuss interesting findings on topics that become more prominent with embedded software like the use of Ports over NIFs.


Jacqui Manzi is a Senior Software Engineer at Mux. Her primary focus is the API to the client browser, and she's spent a lot of time thinking about solutions for coordinating and displaying sizeable real-time data sets to a broad audience in performant and scalable ways. Currently, she is having a lot of fun working with Elixir and exploring using it in both professional and hobby projects.