Eric Christeson
Audience: Intermediate, Advanced
Topic: Nerves

A Practical* Use for Nerves

After a winter with a leaking roof due to ice dams, I decided to install some de-icing cables on my roof. To be energy conscious, I only wanted to turn them on when conditions are right for ice to form. Instead of paying $80 for a thermostat to control them, I decided that this summer's project will be building a system based on Nerves running on a Raspberry Pi. It will involve several thermometers and most likely, a z-wave based system for controlling power. I plan to use Phoenix for a remote interface and possible Scenic with a touch screen for status and configuration. I plan to document the process and project and talk about my experience with all of these technologies.


Eric has been a professional programmer for over 20 years. After discovering Elixir a few years ago, he tries to find excuses to use it in his job. After discovering Nerves, he tries to find excuses to use it at home. He resides in Fargo, North Dakota with his family.