Paul Spencer
Introduction to Concurrent Programming with Elixir
Course Description

Whether you have experienced the awesomeness of developing with Elixir and Phoenix, or simply want to learn how to take advantage of modern multi-core CPUs, the concurrency that Elixir provides is a great start to amping up the performance of your applications. In this hands-on workshop you’ll be introduced to concurrent programming concepts and the methods for implementing these concepts in Elixir. At the end of the workshop you will have built a fault-tolerant, multi-process communication application.

Topics covered in this workshop include working with multiple processes, including Elixir specifics such as GenServers and Supervisors.

Paul is the Delivery Director and co-founder of POMIET, a healthcare systems consulting company. He brings sharp focus to defining and leveraging processes for both POMIET and client organizations. He leverages over twenty years of experience towards continuously learning, modifying, and applying to over 40 engagements/projects with software craftsmanship, agile and lean practices.

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