Nhu Nguyen
Phoenix Basics
Course Description

Phoenix Framework provides a powerful toolset for building future-focused web applications. Over a one-day training session we'll build a tool to view and share preferred conference sessions during multi-track events like ElixirConf. We'll use Elixir and Phoenix to authenticate users, generate profiles with avatars, view the conference schedule, pick favorite talks, and share personalized schedules between users.

Attendees will learn Ecto basics, how to add common functionality through hex packages, the role of contexts and how Phoenix fits in to umbrella applications, Phoenix resource routing, creating controller resources, and how to generate HTML views and and JSON apis.

Nhu fell in love with Elixir two years after its first released. She hasn’t stopped thinking about it since then. Along with Elixir, she has also written Ruby, Java, and Clojure code for small startup with less than five employees to multi-million dollar companies with more than thousands of developers. She loves to share her knowledge. Nhu is currently an instructor at Zipcode Wilmington. She loves coding, fresh bake cookies, and puppies (not always in that order).

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