Jerel Unruh
Handling Success: Development and Deployment Beyond Hello World
Intermediate, Advanced
Course Description

So your project has gotten popular. More funding, more traffic, more developers contributing code. Just SSH'ing into your production server and running mix phx.server & isn't going to cut it. Now the business requirements need the application to integrate with Service A but possibly run a second, almost identical, deployment that integrates with Service B. And part of the current functionality is a candidate for being shaved off into a separate product in the future.

In this talk I'll give a few ideas for structuring your umbrella project, running lots of tests quickly, and building and deploying flexible releases.

Jerel worked for a number of years as an independent contractor building software in the public safety, medical research, and agriculture spaces. He now uses his Elixir skills at Toyota Connected building software for car sharing around the world.

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