Guilherme de Maio
Down the Memory Lane: a Tale of Memory Leaks
Course Description

Much is said about the BEAM and how it’s GC per process is amazing, but sometimes memory leaks do happen! While developing Elixir apps I encountered such cases more than once, and this talk is about why that happens and what to do when it does.

Understanding how the Erlang runtime is different from other platforms we’re used to is crucial for solving such issues. How can you pinpoint what’s causing the leak? What are common reasons and solutions? These are the questions that will drive this talk.

I’m a software engineer with 10 years of experience, focused on web applications, from ops to backend. Currently working at Telnyx, a Chicago based telecom company with the mission of democratizing universal communications.

I’ve been in love with Elixir since I started working with the language in 2015, being an active member of Elixir Meetups in São Paulo, Brazil and spreading Elixir love all around :)

I also love science fiction books, movies and tv series.

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