Dan McGuire
Texas: Virtual DOM Library for Server-Side V-DOM.
Intermediate, Advanced
Course Description

Client-side applications are expensive to make, difficult to maintain and practically impossible to account for all edge cases. We've gotten so caught up in the front-end framework fever that we haven’t yet taken the time to consider if there are better ways to achieve the goal of building rich user interactions.

Texas takes the Virtual DOM approach for updating the DOM with lightweight patches, but instead of calculating patches on the client, it does all the heavy lifting on the server-side bringing control back to the developer and keeping your source of truth closer to your business logic. The end result is faster initial page loads, less data over the wire, more flexibility in choosing your transport methods, graceful application degradation, and maybe the most attractive feature is the development speed increase you'll see when you come back to the server and stop struggling with client-side code!

Dan McGuire has been a software developer for around 5 years. He's most interested in how different tools can be used to solve people problems. Hailing from Nashville, TN he writes elixir remotely for Rentpath and loves watching instructional youtube videos before confidently breaking everything around him.

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