Bruce Williams
Building Production-ready GraphQL APIs
Intermediate, Advanced
Course Description

Attend this intensive two-day workshop to discover how to add GraphQL's flexible queries, mutations, and live data subscriptions to your own production applications. Elixir's the perfect platform for building robust, declarative GraphQL APIs, and you'll learn directly from the co-creators of Absinthe, the GraphQL toolkit for Elixir (and the co-authors of a recently published Pragmatic Bookshelf title on the topic).

You'll start from GraphQL's core principles, building a GraphQL schema from scratch, learning how to model a domain from the ground-up, and using GraphQL's built-in introspection capabilities to power a host of useful tools. You'll go beyond the basics, learning how to use Absinthe's middleware and phase extensibility to expand its capabilities. You'll focus on key production topics like performance, security, and new service aggregation capabilities that help you provide a common, GraphQL API across databases, your umbrella apps, and external microservices.

Bruce Williams is a polyglot technologist, speaker, and writer interested in everything from learning type systems and writing parsers to designing UX. He is the CTO of CargoSense, a logistics intelligence company committed to the Elixir open source ecosystem, and the co-creator of Absinthe, the GraphQL toolkit for Elixir.

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