Bailey Miller
UX Design Practices for Real Time Apps
Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced
Course Description

Elixir and Phoenix have unlocked a new world of responsiveness in our applications. Gone are the days of mashing the refresh button to see updates to data that frequently changes. You can send near real-time updates to every user on your site about every change that happens, but should you?

We’ll share some of the design questions we’ve learned to consider when deciding how and when to notify users of changes. When the session ends, you’ll have some design tools from real-world examples to ensure your users aren’t drinking from a firehose of updates or making decisions from stale data.

This session is co-presented by Bailey Miller and Tim Mecklem. Bailey creates amazing things as a designer at Gaslight (teamgaslight.com) and has written about her experience working with Phoenix from a front end developer perspective. Tim is a developer at Gaslight, where he builds exciting software and helps people build themselves. They have presented separately at conferences like Adobe Jam and ElixirConf, and this is their first time teaming up to show how design and development complement each other.

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