Anna Neyzberg
Exchange of Crypto Coins
Course Description

We know that OTP is an important part of the elixir ecosystem. But why is it important and how does it work? How do we leverage OTP appropriately to build highly concurrent systems at scale. We will walk through the why and the how by building a crypto-currency exchange, and then adding load to the exchange to see OTP at work.

This talk will also provide context about crypto-currency and how the protocol is implemented - so that the audience has appropriate context for understanding building an exchange.

Anna Neyzberg is a San Francisco native who has done a lot of work in the ruby community in SF and currently sits on the board of RailsBridge. She has taken this community organizing experience and 2 years ago co-founded ElixirBridge in SF- an organization that offers free weekend long workshops, with the goal of creating an inclusive welcoming space for under-represented populations in tech to learn elixir. By day she works as a Developer at Carbon Five. When not in front of a keyboard, she is trying to get better at climbing rocks.

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