Andrew Bennett
Sustainable Testing
Intermediate, Advanced
Course Description

Sustainable test suites are long lived and effective at revealing bugs. However, the complexity of distributed cloud applications can make it challenging to have much confidence in system correctness. What testing practices are present in other functional languages? How is property-based testing related to model checking and formal verification?

We'll explore test frameworks and practices from other functional languages and academic sources in hopes of improving the way we test software in Elixir. We'll discuss tools as they exist today, as well as future tools being developed at Toyota Connected and among the Elixir community to empower developers to more efficiently test their systems.

Andrew Bennett is a polyglot programming enthusiast who enjoys using Erlang and Elixir to build distributed systems at Toyota Connected. He enjoys systems performance challenges, security and cryptography research, cooking, and robotics. Away from the computer, he loves spending time with his wonderful wife and their two little girls.

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