Aaron Votre
Making a GraphQL Server with Absinthe & Dataloader
Course Description

The GraphQL query language has been growing in popularity since it's release by Facebook in 2015. It gives servers more flexibility than REST and Elixir already has an amazing library supporting the GraphQL Spec - Absinthe! If our API adapts, so should the way we access the database, that's where Dataloader makes writing Ecto queries easy and less repetitive.

See how we can make a simple graphQL server with as little code as possible.

- It will be helpful to have a basic understanding of Phoenix, Ecto, and the objective of GraphQL.

Aaron is an adventurer of all things software. He came to Elixir from a Java and Node background to fall in love with the community and the functional coding style. Currently working for Corvus Insurance, Aaron writes primarily in Elm and Elixir while experimenting with game development in his spare time. Often found in his natural habitat of soccer fields located near coffee shops.

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